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I ka ‘ōlelo ke ola, i ka ‘ōlelo ka make.

“There is life in the mouth and death in the mouth.”

What is horror to those living in the margins?

Where terror is systematized and in the very air everyone happily breathes?

A misheard word.
The thud of boots.
An impossible color.
A foreign growth.

DEATH IN THE MOUTH is a horror anthology showcasing BIPOC and other ethnically marginalized writers and artists from around the world. It will feature twenty prose stories spanning from the distant past to the far future, real and fictive worlds, all while exploring new and unique manifestations of horror. Each story will also be accompanied by an original black and white illustration by a unique artist.


Jolie Toomajan - “Water Goes, Sand Remains", with art by Jabari Weathers

Yah Yah Scholfield - "They Will Take Up Serpents", with art by Makoto Chi

Isha Karki - "Welcome to Labyrinth", with art by Natalie Hall

Endria Richardson - "Wind Up Teeth", with art by Tsulala

Johnny Compton - "No Hungry Generations", with art by Pierre Roset

Arasibo Campeche - "Drowned in Mindfulness", with art by Michael Deforge

K-Ming Chang - "The Three Resurrections of my Grandfather", with art by Sloane Hong

Reno Evangelista - "Her Apocrypha", with art by Jess Hara

Catherine Yu - "Balloon Girl", with art by Joy San

Daphne Fama - "The Pleiades", with art by Alicia Feng

Beatrice Iker- "They'll Keep You Gestated", with art by Molly Mendoza

Cassie Hart - "She", with art by Weiwei Xu

C Pam Zang - "Alice or Rose or Aurora or Allerleuirah or Belle, on the Occasion of the Burial of the Beast", with art by Charlotte Gomez

P. H. Low - "Tongue is a Void", with art by JaeHoon Choi

Kelsea Yu - "The Obedient Son", with art by Audrey Murty

JL Akagi - "Henry Watanabe and the Wandering Hand", with art by Bhanu Pratap

Amaranta Sepulveda Durán - "The Mother-Wound", with art by Vivian Magaña

Sloane Leong - "Paradise", with art by Solomon Enos

Rivers Solomon - "Some of us are Grapefruit", with art by Junko Mizuno

Ras Cutlass - "Melinda and the Grub", with art by Naomi Butterfield

R.S.A. Garcia - "A Bonfire in the Night", with art by Zhang Hetian

Jessica Cho - "On Tattered Wings", with art by Lina Wu

M. L. Krishnan - "The Eggshell Sanctuary", with art by Julie Benbassat

Priya Chand - "Never Lie to Me" with art by Congming

Karin Lowachee - "The Black Hole of Beaumort", with art by Allissa Chan

Darcie Little Badger - "Homebody", with art by Apolo Cacho

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